What is Bangkok Motor Show Girls?

by admin on March 25, 2011

We have a new full Color Gallery up for 2011, and a large Black and White Gallery from 2011 also.

Every year for 32 years, the Bangkok Inernational Motor Show has grown exponentially. Far from being all about the cars, modelling careers have been built up around the show and many of the women have become celebrities in their own right.

This site came about as a way to showcase the women and the photos. While pictures of the Bangkok motor show girls are abundant all over the internet, few quality images seem to exist. We hope to fill that gap.

Day one is now up, and the black and white images from day one will be up soon. In the following weeks we will definitely be posting the film images as they are developed.

So bear with us as we develop our content. We will soon be providing more detailed information on the girls themselves, the companies they work for and the photos themselves.

Please feel free to contact the site if you are a manufacturer or vendor interested in prints or stock photos.  If you just like what you see feel free to comment.

Most importantly, enjoy.

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